2015. november 17., kedd

My first post in English

Dear readers, this is my first post in English. I'm listened an interesting and hopeful scientific TED video about language learning just now: learning a language in six months. It's just my goal: speaking fluently and taking an exam in spring of 2016. I know that my grammar isn't perfect and my vocabulary is very vacant, but the scientists and polyglots say that for learning, we have to listen listen listen, talk talk talk, read read read and write write write (and don't wait for the "right moment"). Now, i write. My blog is one of my main channels of communication, so i use it for learning.

About Kinizsi Százas: learning a language is a game, a training, expanding our limits and stepping out of our comfort zone - like K-100. And both are a very-very long way, made up of small steps.

And on the weekend, it's Iszinik, the reverse K-100, i will go on it with my friend, Jeremcsuk Isti.

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